Kitchen Renovation

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The renovation of kitchens, which have an important share in our home comfort, may differ according to needs and expectations.
Kitchen renovations are usually done because the existing kitchen cabinet is useless, inadequate, deformed or outdated. In addition, installation problems that occur over time are among the main reasons for renovations.

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Kitchen Renovation Prices

  • Kitchen renovation prices take shape in line with the demands of our customers. Within the scope of the study, your kitchens in your homes are completely renovated.
  • Prices vary depending on the size of the work and area in the kitchen. Cabinets in your kitchens create more modern and colorful spaces.
  • For this purpose, our customers who want to make kitchen renovations can contact us for price information.

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Steps in kitchen renovation

  1. Due diligence and project planning

  2. Breaking, transportation works and renovation of the installation
  3. Waterproofing and laying ceramics
  4. Painting and assembly
  5. Completion of the project

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