Ceramic Tile

We add comfort, ergonomics, aesthetics and ease of use to your spaces with tiles in various color models and patterns. You can call us for all kinds of tile flooring, semaic flooring and choral work.

The Best Quality
Painting Services

We repair, repair and lay your tiles with expert masters. Regardless of the meter square, we do your work of breaking tiles, laying tiles, joining tiles, grouting, connection works of high quality. In addition, we do your ceramic and tile laying works on floors and walls, tile coating works with reasonable price, quality and fast assurance.


Tile Types

  1. Laid in the middle
  2. Laid aside (terminology)
  3. Tiled in the corner (double terminology)

Planned study

100% Satisfaction

Certified Masters

Steps to follow in floor renovation

  1. Removing the old floor covering

  2. Surface preparation and repair
  3. Surface cleaning and priming
  4. Leveling screed application
  5. Top coat application
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