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Inspiring basements

Renovation of basements
Especially in old buildings, it is often not possible to dry damp basement and cellar walls. Although it is difficult to turn humid basements into usable areas, they have many advantages.


Advantages of renovating basements:

Additional living space
Possibility to use it as a hobby, fitness or storage area
Providing a suitable environment for mechanical and electrical systems such as heating, ventilation
The decrease in the energy need of the building

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Remodeling damp basements

The most common reason for renovation of basements is damp walls. In particular, visible problems such as mildew odor, dirty moisture and water stains, poured plasters and / or pronounced mold at a later stage occur. In such cases, action should be taken without delay.


Why Is It Important?

Otherwise, damage will occur in the building structure and even the health of the building occupants will be at risk. Mold formation can cause allergic reactions or trigger allergic disorders, as well as respiratory disorders. Damp basement can negatively affect the entire structure. Moisture that starts to spread to the upper floors can cause cracks and frost damage and may damage the waterproofing or thermal insulation. In order to eliminate this type of negative effects, the source or cause of moisture must be found and the basement must be repaired as soon as possible. Only then can the renovation work be completed.

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